A review of the bdi

Erford Loyola College in Maryland 1. Brown, and Robert A.

A review of the bdi

Professionals acknowledged that the original BDI was in need of a major revision for the assessment to remain current and valid for clinical use. This assessment sought to improve on the original BDI by making adjustments to the instrument.

There are numerous Beck assessments that are commonly used: The BDI-II has 21 questions or items, which is excellent in that it does not take too much time to administer.

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It is also translated in different languages. When the learner researched the Capella Library she did not find many studies analyzing the Spanish translation or other translations. The BDI-II might be used in clinical or hospital settings as well as community mental health settings.

Another interesting aspect of the BDI-II is the questions can be read to the client if they have difficulty reading. We must also be sure that we are trained in the proper assessment as well because otherwise we could harm the client.

If we use an assessment without proper traininga client could get misdiagnosed which could have a negative effect on their life.

A review of the bdi

One of the issues with the BDI-II and other self-report assessments as well is that clients might display response bias. They can either over report or underreport their symptoms depending on the situation. Counselors need to take this into account when they interpret the results of this test.

How You Can Learn ? The index can be accessed on a subscription basis directly from the Baltic Exchange as well as from some financial information and news services such as Bloomberg and Reuters. From 1 March the BDI will be re-weighted to the following ratios of timecharter assessments:

However, this instrument is excellent for use in conjunction with other assessments. It is important to not jump to conclusions with the BDI-II because it is not intended to be used for diagnostic purposes.

It is a solid instrument that can give the clinician an idea of where the client is at though. Arbisi gave a very positive review stating that the BDI-II was improved and discussed different positive aspects of the instrument Arbisi, That should be expected because the original BDI was used for a long period of time without having a revision made.

The Farmer review appeared to be more neutral, and it was difficult for the learner to assess how he felt about the BDI-II. The only mention of cultural diversity that the learner noticed was that he said the sample was composed mainly of Caucasian individuals Farmer, There was also discussion about reliability and validity in the review.

The learner did not fully understand everything that was said in both reviews but she took away the fact that the BDI-II is a respected instrument within the counseling field regardless of the negative aspects that comes with it being a self-report instrument. Not accounting for cultural diversity can be very damaging for clients.

BDI-II Assessment

This is not to say that it will be effective for all minority groups because there are cultural differences within each group. However, more research studies needs to be done with other ethnic minorities to assess the effectiveness of the BDI-II with those groups. The ACA Code of Ethics is adamant that counselors do not misuse assessments or withhold the results from clients unless there is a legitimate reason to withhold the results ACA, Star rating: 5 stars–outstanding/potential classic, 4 stars–very good, 3 stars–adequate, 2 stars–disappointing, 1 star–poor.

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A review of the bdi

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Nov 29,  · The following review of the Beck Depression Inventory FastScreen for Medical Patients (BDI-FastScreen) will examine general information for the instrument, its purpose and nature, technical considerations, and practical and general evaluation.

General Information A. Title: BDI-FastScreen for Medical Patients (Beck, Steer, & Brown, ). Dec 29,  · The Beck Depression Inventory-II (BDI-II) is one of the most popular scales for evaluating the severity of depression in adolescents as well as adults. The prevalence of depression increases during adolescence, and it has shown a rapid increase with occurrence at an earlier age and a tendency to continue into adulthood.

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