A summary of dick cheney and joseph liebermans vice presidential debate

Email The vice-presidential candidates, Republican Dick Cheney and Democrat Joseph Lieberman, engaged in a relaxed, confident exchange Thursday night that was short on sparks and thick with policy disagreements and humor.

A summary of dick cheney and joseph liebermans vice presidential debate

Lessons for Tim Kaine: Kaine must do the opposite tonight with Mike Pence. He is a founding partner of West Wing Writers. He tweets at orzulak. One of the great untold stories in the annals of vice presidential debates happened 16 years ago this Wednesday, when Democratic nominee Joe Lieberman squared off against his Republican counterpart, Dick Cheney, at Centre College in Danville, Kentucky.

What is generally seen as one the most positive and civilized debates in recent electoral history was actually an act of political jiujitsu by Cheney so cunning that it should serve as a cautionary tale for Virginia Sen.

Tim Kaine as he prepares to take on Indiana Gov. Mike Pence in their only vice presidential debate tonight. Both were seen as more statesmanlike than their respective running mates, Al Gore and George W. Bush, who had engaged in a particularly nasty debate two days before.

As with all VP debates, the task for both was to defend the people at the top of the ticket while putting their opponents on the defensive. He also had a direct style when answering questions, which made him seem trustworthy again, this is all before Iraq.

Beneath the reasonable rhetoric was one of the most extreme voting records in Congressional history. But he knew how to do it. As debate night arrived, he was ready. He had worked out exactly how to put Cheney on the defensive.

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Ten minutes before the debate began, the two candidates sat next to each other at a half-moon table across from moderator Bernie Shaw, as the format dictated, and chatted. Lieberman would be the first to speak.

Shaw welcomed the audience and turned to the senator for his opening statement. The two disagreed on multiple political issues, but left it at that. When Lieberman came off stage, we asked why he changed direction.

He thought the American people deserved better, and I agreed. So I kept it positive. Polls showed that by a two-to-one margin, viewers declared him the winner. Today, it is remembered as one of the only VP debates that shifted the polls in the week afterward.

A summary of dick cheney and joseph liebermans vice presidential debate

Like the Cheney of old, Pence has a reputation for staying friendly and sounding reasonable in debates.During the call, the vice president invited members of his legal team to a holiday party at the vice presidential residence, and then jokingly told them -- quote -- "my house is the one with the people out front yelling, 'get out of Dick Cheney's house.'".

SUPER CAPTION: Dick Cheney, Republican Vice Presidential Candidate Just next door, democratic Vice-Presidential candidate Joe Lieberman worked to drum up support from his party's leadership. Talking to reporters with House Democratic leader Dick Gephardt, Lieberman said he and Gore plan to move forward with their fight.

To President John Roush, the faculty here, students and community leaders statewide, we thank you for hosting this debate. The candidates are the Republican nominee, former Defense Secretary Dick Cheney of Wyoming, and the Democratic nominee, Senator Joseph Lieberman of Connecticut.

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In the presidential election, Gore and Lieberman won the popular vote by a margin of more than , votes, but lost the deciding Electoral College to the Republican George W.

Bush/Dick Cheney Succeeded by: Tom Carper. Jun 25,  · In the U.S. presidential election, Lieberman was the Democratic candidate for Vice President, running with presidential nominee Al Gore, becoming the first Jewish candidate on a major American political party presidential ticket.

Oct 06,  · In post-debate interviews with the vice-presidential candidates, Democrat Sen. Joe Lieberman, top, and Republican Dick Cheney said they were pleased with the face-off.

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