An essay on euphemism and the lack of true sex

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An essay on euphemism and the lack of true sex

It makes the bad seem good, the negative seem positive, the unnatural seem natural, the unpleasant seem attractive, or at least tolerable. It is language which avoids, shifts or denies responsibility.

An essay on euphemism and the lack of true sex

It conceals or prevents thought. Here are some particularly amusing examples, except where downright offensive. If you are offered a career change or an early retirement opportunity, a career or employee transition, or you are being involuntarily separated, or if personnel is being realigned or there is a surplus reduction in personnel, or the staff is being re-engineered or right sized, or if there is a workforce imbalance correction then: Cartoon by Kipper Williams 2.

You do not live in a slum but in substandard housing, or in an economically depressed neighborhood, or culturally deprived environment. If you are managing company stakeholders, that means you are lobbying, which is really the same as bribing. When you get an unwanted phone call just as you are sitting down to dinner from a representative of the Republican party and you are a Democrat or vice versa, this is called a courtesy call.

In light of the recent demise of Osama bin Laden, several politicians have stressed that it was the enhanced interrogation methods which caused the informants to squeal and give up the nickname of the courier, which we then followed around until he led us to the compound of OBL.

This is one of my personal favorites, not the process it refers to of course, but the absolute ludicrousness of this particular phrase.

An essay on euphemism and the lack of true sex

The ultimate of euphemism. When you come into a country and break it, for a variety of good reasons, you might cause some collateral damage, which are really deaths of civilians. Women and children and old people.

When a geographical area is neutralized or depopulated that means the CIA killed people, just because. On a lighter note, intelligent ventilation points, when speaking of a garment are — armholes! If you are a bank, bad, crappy debts are non- or under-performing assets. Ah, genuine imitation leather.

That new car smell.

Avoiding euphemisms

Uptitles are fancy job names given in lieu of monetary compensation. If you say you committed terminological inexactitude, or you relayed misinformation, misspoke or were economical with the truth, well that means you just told a whopper.

If you are a politician in Arizona, people who run across the border are illegal aliens, unless they are employing these same people to tend to their children or flower gardens, then they are known as undocumented workers. We consume adult beverages which are booze drinks, beer and wine and hard stuff.

If you get rejected for a job because you are partially proficient, that means you are just plain unqualified. This happens a lot to the middle class, as they attempt to find employment in other areas because the areas in which they used to work no longer exist.

See my prior post about corporate buzzwords for the explanation of Outsourcing. What is your favorite euphemism?Read our free essay samples to really understand what each paper is about and see if it is right for your assignment. Learn By Example Get ideas on structure, content and style from great examples across all educational levels.

Euphemism is an idiomatic expression, which loses its literal meanings and refers to something else, in order to hide its unpleasantness.

For example, “kick the bucket” is a . The second is a euphemism, a word or words that aim to disguise unappetizing truths or activities that fall under social taboo. It isn’t always the devil’s spawn.

Cause & Effect Essay: Teenage Sexual Intercourse The statistics that accompany knowledge of teenage sexual intercourse are fairly alarming for many people. According to a recent University of Kentucky study, 13% of teenagers have sex before the age of fifteen, and by the age of nineteen, 7/10 teens have had their first sexual encounter.

The problem was that Robertson did not use euphemisms, but described rather vividly and accurately what “gay” sex consists of (Page 3, vol 17, No 4, Jan/Feb ).

Euphemism - Examples and Definition of Euphemism

Frankly, the physical reality is rather an unpleasant thing for the average person to consider. According to The Free Dictionary, Euphemism refers to an example or an act of substituting an indirect, mild or vague term for one, which is considered to be offensive, harsh or blunt.

The euphemism used in relation to Camille’s lack of a “true sex” relates to the story of Barbin’s life.

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