By the time you read this

Is Speed Reading for You? Are you an efficient reader? What kind of reader are you?

By the time you read this

Between work, family, and social lives, trying to find time to read can be more effort than relaxing hobby. On a scale of human enjoyment I once found in a reference book, where respondents ranked activities from getting their car repaired 4.

The difference between readers and non-readers is that readers make a habit of picking up a book during these fallow hours.

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When I recently interviewed Val Demings, the former chief of the Orlando Police Department and a current candidate for mayor of Orange County, she told me that she reads inspirational works upon waking up in the morning.

Plenty of people use their commutes to listen to audio books, which is a great idea. But if reading is a big enough priority, you might not need to resort to listening.

Darcy, works part-time at another job, and homeschools her four children, reads about a dozen books a month. She just builds it into her schedule.

Bogel also listens to audiobooks while she exercises. I once stayed up all night reading an installment of Harry Potter. So how can you feed that demand? The voracious readers I asked offered suggestions for re-creating that page-turner vibe on a regular basis: Borrow more books than you can consume.

I could be reading right now! So go crazy and grab anything that looks interesting. This is not something to feel guilty about.

By the time you read this

Read more than one book at a time. People who read a lot have something going to satisfy all appetites. Try the page rule. Or even the page rule.


While some books play hard to get until pages in, if you feel compelled to finish all books you start, you may get tripped up on something boring and not read again for weeks. I hate false accusation stories. But the upside of being done with college is that you can read what you want.

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Reproducible pages in chapter-by-chapter format provide you . You’ve probably heard of quantum computing. Do you understand it? Unlikely!

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It’s time that you did. The basic idea—tap into quantum physics to make immensely powerful computers—isn’t new. Jun 03,  · You knocked down both our towers, I collapsed at the same time you did.

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JIt's August, and that means one thing in warmer climates: people spend more time in nature, and nature, in turn, tries to bite them. August is mosquito season, it's snakebite season—hell, even Shark Week is in summer.

If you’ve got two free hours, you might be in the mood for something deeper than if you’ve only got 20 minutes. People who read a lot have something going to satisfy all appetites.

By the time you read this

3. The time when you read a document plays a role in how easy the reading will be, and how much information you'll retain. If you need to read a text that is tedious, or requires a great deal of concentration, it's best to tackle it when you have the most energy in the day.

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