Dtq story night

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Dtq story night

What you can do to be a good neighbour Here are some tips on how you can be a good neighbour to prevent problems arising.

Noise As part of everyday living, and the fact that no home is totally soundproof, we all have to expect some noise from the people living around us. Common everyday living noise includes TVs and stereos, DIY, dogs barking, intruder or car alarms, slamming doors or simply walking around the property Recognise that your neighbours do not want to hear noise from your home, particularly late at night, or for long periods Keep noise eg from the TV, stereo, radio at a reasonable level at all times of day Noise carries through walls, floors and doors.

Laminate flooring particularly in flatsand other hard surfaces, can amplify noise. To help reduce it, put down rugs and fit felt or rubber pads to movable furniture Warn your neighbours if you are going to do anything noisy eg having a party or doing DIY Co-operate with your neighbours if they ask you to reduce noise.

For example, you can position your TV or stereo away from the walls you share with your neighbours If you are affected by noise then you can contact your local authority and ask them to investigate the problem. If the noise is unreasonable they may decide to take action under the Environmental Protection Act Use a lead when walking the dog.

Faith court 'Chase' suedette block Black shoes mid heel Communal areas You may share communal areas with your neighbours, such as staircases, balconies, corridors, lifts or fire exits.

Do not allow your garden to become overgrown and unkempt. Keeping it tidy and free of rubbish helps improve the look of the area. Where gardens look neglected they can sometimes encourage fly-tipping If your neighbours trees or hedges are a problem, you may be able to prune or remove anything that comes over to your side of the boundary as long as you offer any clippings back to your neighbour.

If you wish to discourage wildlife from your garden then you need to restrict access to any food supplies they have, remove any possible places of shelter, and deter them from coming in. Local authorities have responsibility for dealing with untidy gardens and land in some situations.

For example, where material is rotting and causing a nuisance or attracting rats or mice. Contact your local authority if there are problems. Contact your local authority for further information and advice.

The local authority could also fine you if you light a fire and you allow the smoke to drift across the road and become a danger to traffic.

Anyone can park on a public road as long as the Highway Code is followed Avoid blocking entrances, dropped kerbs, garages or pavements.

Dtq story night

If there is a parking enforcement scheme in place in your area, you can contact them to help manage incorrect parking. If there is a scheme in place, you will find the details and contact information on local signage.

Children playing Children playing in the street can cause concern that cars might get damaged.Apr 07,  · Did you happen to see the story on FOX last night "Enemies of the State"?

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