Essay about yasser arafat

As a tribute to her abiding memory we are carrying the following piece. She belonged to that noble galaxy of great leaders who wielded extraordinary power. Indira Gandhi was an Indian to the core but at the same time her vision went far beyond her own nation and embraced the entire human race. By virtue of being the Prime Minister of India, the largest democracy in the world, she was able to make a significant contribution to the practice of inter-national relations.

Essay about yasser arafat

Print resources about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict Paper, pens Discuss the background of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict featured in the video. These questions will help focus the discussion: Who is involved in this conflict?

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What region is at the heart of the conflict? Describe the claim that both groups have on this region. When was it founded and by whom? What is the Zionist Movement? Describe the role of the U. How did the Holocaust affect the formation of a Jewish homeland? What is the PLO? Whom does it represent?

Which nations are opposed to a Jewish state? Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, and Egypt What was the intifada? Who was involved and what caused it? What caused the rise of militant Islam? What is its link to modern terrorism?

Briefly summarize the following leaders' roles in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict: Have students conduct research on the conflict. Encourage them to try to understand both sides of the conflict.

The following Web sites offer useful information: The Road from Oslo see "Parallel Realities" http: Israel and the Palestinians see "Voices from the Conflict" http: Land of Conflict see articles under "Issues" http: Israeli-Palestinian Conflict see "Newsmakers: Two Views of the Conflict" and "Coping with Conflict" http: The accounts can be written in the present day or in the past, but they must reflect a major event in the history of the conflict and they should include several details based on research.

Challenge students to consider how it must feel to live in the midst of such a conflict. Have students work in pairs to critique each other's work. Was the account believable?

Term paper on Arafat's Role in Promoting Peace

Was it clear when and by whom it was supposed to be written? Did the account include relevant facts based on research? Did it reflect how a young person might feel living in the midst of conflict? Students should revise their writing based on the critique.

Collect the accounts and make copies for everyone in the class. As a homework assignment, have students read the accounts and come prepared to discuss them the next day. To conclude the lesson, lead a discussion about the accounts.

How did students imagine it would feel to be involved in such a conflict? Did they imagine differences between Palestinian and Israeli students? How might their experiences be similar?

Secret diaries of Arafat come to light, confirming PLO pact with Italians | The Times of Israel

What was most challenging about writing this assignment? Do students think it is difficult for most Americans to understand the emotions behind the Israeli-Palestinian conflict?The largest group is Fatah.

Essay about yasser arafat

Its leader is Yasser Arafat; he is PLO leader since There are many other groups but the major one are the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), the Palestine Peoples Party (PPP) and also such party as the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine(DFLP).

This Arab-Israeli conflict. - Yasser Arafat In The Move Toward a Palestinian State Yasser Arafat was born into a Palestinian family in Egypt in Even in his early life he began fighting from age eighteen onwards, first the British, then the Israelis. May 19,  · Yasir Arafat and the Palestinian Authority are known internationally for the violence between Israelis and Palestinians.

As ruinous as that violence has been, another cancer permeates Arafat's administration; its name is corruption. From firsthand Yasir Arafat .

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On this day in , Chairman of the Palestinian Liberation Organisation (PLO) Yasser Arafat and Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin, shook hands after signing the Oslo peace accords, in what.

Ahmed Qureia, better known as Abu Ala, was born in Abu Dis, near Jerusalem, in He joined Yasser Arafat's Fatah group in and followed him from Beirut and Damascus to exile in Tunis in.

In his patchwork uniform, which combined a military tunic with a traditional kaffiya, the Old Man, as those who had known Yasir Arafat the longest called him, was a strange and defiantly.

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