Examining popular american culture

Is pop culture a direct representation of the views of society?

Examining popular american culture

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Although many of the thoughts of Puritans have gradually dissipated or become less meaningful over time, it is important to note that Puritan writers and thinkers such as John Winthrop and Roger Williams offered ideas that were new at the time that stayed with the American consciousness—culturally, socially, and politically.

Notions of freedom, liberty, and the role of religion within the state have long since been at the forefront of national debates.

Examining popular american culture

When the Puritans considered such ideas, their thoughts and writings on the matter were never quite forgotten, only shifted and modified to suit the taste of contemporary concerns. By examining these writings, it becomes more possible to trace the philosophical development of America from the colonial to the modern period.

Examining popular american culture

The idea of government and the meaning of liberty have been questions plaguing Americans since the time John Winthrop wrote in his journal in In many ways, the issues he addresses, most notably in the section of his journal containing his speech to the General Court, are the same that are alive in contemporary debates about the role of the government and what moral liberty means.

This shows that the Puritans paved the way for constantly questioning the political and moral foundations from the very beginning.

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In addition to this more general notion about Puritan culture in early America, Winthrop brings forth the question of what true liberty means. For instance, Winthrop writes that there are two types of liberty; natural and civil.

Aside from this early allusion to more modern debates in America, Winthrop also puts forth the related idea about how liberty is something that is God-given. These ideas were a crucial starting point for American culture because they set forth the questions about the personal sense of free will and liberty; both in terms of the state and the self.

A more specific contribution to later American culture was put forth by Roger Williams who, although steeped in some Puritan ideals, was something of an outcast among his peers because of his somewhat radical religious and political views.

His comments in this piece are remarkable because they offer an early argument on the topic thus building the groundwork for later American cultural notions of the separation of religious and civil matters.

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They are also revolutionary in terms of their later effects because although he makes an argument for the separation, it does not seem to be the same one put forth by the eventual creators of the Constitution. This was an important thought for later American ideas and culture, even if the separation eventually was for the reason of keeping power balanced and without interference.

By using the intentions of God in his statement, Williams is saying that there is no one religion that should be mandated. Out of the many ideas put forth that would later go on to influence all aspects of the development of American culture and politicsthis is perhaps the most important and still one of the most resonant.Examine Trends in Popular American Culture There are many different trends in popular American Culture.

Many customs have been handed down from generation to generation. Since the beginning of the Media and communication among American Culture, there are many ways to communicate.

There is the culture of the elite and the culture of the common people. The impact of media in our culture . Appearances of Argentine Marxist revolutionary Che Guevara (–) in popular culture are common throughout the world.


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