Funeral care industry

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Funeral care industry

While some cemeteries like Forest Hill are publicly owned, funeral homes are nearly all private businesses. For more information about concerns related to the costs of funerals and the ethics of the death care industry click here.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that aroundpeople work in the death care industry in the United States. Landscapers, monument makers, bereavement counselors, accountants, florists, hearse drivers, janitors, advertisers, security guards, and more all contribute to the functioning of the death care industry.

While most of these workers will be employed by privately owned companies, some will be public employees. For example, if the cause of death is uncertain, a coroner employed by the city or the county may investigate.

If a person will be buried at Forest Hill cemetery, the backhoe operator who digs the grave will be a city employee. The Bureau of Labor Statistics does not keep aggregate data on the Wisconsin death care industry, but some numbers are available for individual occupations.

One can make a good living as a funeral service manager. Another people make their living as funeral attendants.

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They carry the caskets, arrange flowers, organize receptions, and do other support work that makes funerals and burials possible. Over 85 percent of the roughly 20, funeral homes in the country are privately owned. Funeral home directors tend to be over 55 and many in the industry feel anxious about recruiting enough younger people to replace these directors when they retire.

Funeral care industry

There are more thancemeteries in the United States and while some are privately owned, many are owned by municipalities, religious institutions, families, or non-profit organizations. Service Corporation International SCIa publicly traded company based in Houston, Texas controls nearly all of the fifteen percent of the funeral home industry not held by small companies or families.

SCI does not own any funeral homes in Wisconsin because of a Wisconsin law, discussed below, banning a single owner from operating both a cemetery and a funeral home.

An Overview of the Death Care Industry - Forest Hill Cemetery: A Guide

However, they have recently resumed acquiring many funeral homes and cemeteries across the country. Cress Funeral and Cremation Services, for example, maintains eight locations in Wisconsin and three of their facilities are located here in Madison.

Bill Clark, a funeral director at Cress, reports that families tend to look for a funeral home in their neighborhood, which is one reason why many smaller funeral service businesses remain.

Consolidating multiple funeral homes into a central location may push away potential customers.

Funeral care industry

Cress has built their business by acquiring other family-owned funeral homes in the area. They purchased the Speedway location from the Frautschi family in The Frautschis had run a funeral home business in Madison since Six other Cress locations were also purchased from family-owned funeral home businesses.

Clark said that across their eight locations, their company handles about deaths each year.Laying a loved one to rest typically costs $10, or more -- sometimes much more. As this Money investigation reveals, that's due in part to tactics some in the funeral industry use to manipulate.

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State of the Industry: Funeral and Cremation Services and Supplies in the U.S. Published: September (13th Edition) Number of Funeral Homes in the U.S., by State, Average Revenue per Funeral Home in the U.S., Our analysts have written industry research reports for virtually every Fortune and Fortune .

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