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In view of the above discussion we find following objectives: Teams or work groups exist in all organizations, ranging in nature from ad hoc to formal.

Hrm in bd

The five factors involved in the changing environment of HRM are as follows: Work force Diversity 2. Economic and Technological Change 3. Changing Nature of Work. Business environment is changing environment and so is HR environment.

The changing environment of HRM includes work force diversity, economic and technological change, globalisation, organisational restructuring, changes in the nature of jobs and work and so on. The Indian work force is characterized by such diversity that is deepening and spreading day by day.

It is likely to be more diverse as women, minority- group members, and older workers flood the work force. As such, the number of women is on increase in all walks of life i.

Also, as the work force ages, employers will have to grapple with greater health care costs and higher pension contributions. On the whole, the increased diversity of work force will place tremendous demands on the HR management function. Further, creating unanimity from a diverse work force has also become a challenge for HR manager.

One is that organisations claim they seek to maximize diversity in the work place, and maximize the capabilities of such a diverse work force.

The other is that traditional human resources system will not allow diversity, only similarity. At the same time, there is corresponding tendency to screen out those who do not fit. Economic and Technological Change: Along with time, several economic and technological changes have occurred that have altered employment and occupational pattern.

In India too, there is a perceptible shift in occupational structure from agriculture to industry to services. The New Economic Policy, has led to liberalization and globalization giving genesis to multinational organisations with their multicultural dimensions having certain implications for HRM.

The implications of globalization for HRM are discussed subsequently. The Indian economy has already become an open economy but it will be more so from April with the complete lifting of quantitative restrictions QRs on imports in India.

Technology has become the hallmark of the modem organisations. As such, modem organisations have become the technology-driven organisations. So to say, men are replaced by machinery. Manufacturing technology, for example, has changed to automation and robotisation.

Manufacturing advances like these will eliminate many blue-collar jobs, replacing them with fewer but more highly skilled jobs. Similar changes are taking place in office automation, where personal computers, word processing, and management information system MIS continue to change the nature of office work.

The explosive growth of information technology linked to the internet has ushered in many changes throughout the organisation. This is so because earlier it used to be, if one wanted information, one had to go up, over and down through the organisation.

Now, one just taps in. Somuchso, now employees do not need to be present a definite work receives less than % of its total traffic.

Hrm in bd

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Hrm in bd

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Introduction: Human Resources Management (HRM) is a new concept. It is a combination of HR, Accounting, Management, Financial Management and Economics. Globalization to would economy has exposed the corporate business organization to worldwide competition, mobilization of professional manpower and modern quantitative management practice.

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