Live your dreams

I lived a life that could best be described as existing -- for years. After using the advice I'm going to give you today, I was able to break free. Everyday life feels surreal, but when I pinch myself, I smile because I'm living my dream life.

Live your dreams

A Conversation and A Memory Posted on by Bilal Khan The beauty about writingand good writing at that, is that it engages you in a dialogue. It is not inundated with obscure or superfluously complicated vocabulary.

A good writing makes you feel immersed with thoughts, and feelings, and the sense of life in it.

Live your dreams

It is not mere letters or POV phrases, a good piece of writing is conversational. Very few writers and readers are gifted with the ability to engage in that conversation and enjoy the emotional connection.

I have been talking to a wonderfully amazing woman in these past couple of days. The interesting thing is she does not really know me. But for my part, I thoroughly enjoyed the conversation. How often does it happen that you come across a complete stranger and you feel he or she understands you more than many people who have known you for years?

This wonderful woman lives on the other side of the globe I presume, judging from her picture she is a lot fairer than women on our side of the world, and her name reminds me of Braveheartthe movie.

And judging from her name, there is all the chance in the world that she is a great-great-great-great-grand daughter of William Wallace of Scotland who inspired Robert the Bruce to overcome his fears and retake Scotland back from Edward I of England.

Jaime Wallace is a writer but she is no less with her pen than William was with his sword.

Live your dreams

Cover of Braveheart Sapphire Series [Blu-ray] Jaime Wallace is blessed with that ability to engage in powerful conversations. The kind of conversation which leaves a mark and a memory on heart and mind.

My conversation with her not only inspired and motivated me to be braver than I usually am, it also brought back many memories to me — memories that I had long ago written, locked and forgotten. Many of those written memories have been burned by my own hands over the years.

I had to burn them because I was so scared of them. I still remember that scared little boy who faintly looked like me.

Live Your Dreams. Forget Children. – The Transformed Wife

I started writing at a very young age. It began not as a hobby or a passion, but as a choice to hide my fears, complexes, and secrets because I did not want anyone else to know them. I wanted a friend to talk to, someone who did not make fun of me or looked down upon me. In the beginning it was just confiding and not actually writing.

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I was not writing on any format or anything related to a genre I still do not — it was just my experiences, and my thoughts. However, it gradually became a habit, something I got so used to that I started enjoying.Live-Your-Dream Counseling, Licensed Professional Counselor, Bertram, TX, , () , I love doing therapy with adolescents and adults who are striving to become their genuine selves.

Live Your Dreams @Liveyourdreamo Say this over to yourself and let it seep into your consciousness and your awareness Your thoughts becoming things! Live your dreams, live your Live your dreams, live your Take a chance live your dreams So many wishes the Genie is in you Open up your eyes and make them come true You'd better keep on moving, baby let it out My heart keeps on crying For me there is no doubt You're looking for something (vive la .

Live Your Dream

Live Your Dream Lyrics: Paroles de Dub Afrika & Dj Van "Live Your Dream"[Chorus] / Trust, and live your dream / Be ready to fight and be ready to win / Trust, and live your dream / Arabian vibes and.

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