My husband taught me how to

What My Husband Has Taught Me In the spirit of February and its focus on love and relationships, we all thought it would be important to share how our spouses have made us better people. I knew the second night I met him that I would marry him. He is certain he said thirty. Lucky for me, it never seemed to matter.

My husband taught me how to

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Most people quote extraordinary event that is very unique to them and hear about how that something have come to have a great impact on their lives, changing the very manner in which they view life and perceive it.

My story might not be anything spectacular, but for me it has been the one most singularly amazing event of my life. My event starts from the day when I meet him on the way of my life to walk beside me throughout my life.

It was the day when I met the person to walk beside me throughout my life by being my good supporter. He is none other than my husband.

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He came into my life and affected me in so many ways for which I really do not have words to describe. Yet, I will try my best to portray how his coming into my life completely changed me and gave me a whole new world to look at. One of the things that I noticed immediately when I met my husband was how safe and secure he made me feel.

I remember meeting him that very first day and realizing how good I felt just being with him.

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It was as if a burden had been lifted from my shoulders. I suddenly felt free and relaxed, as if I had to worry about nothing in life ever again.

He would be very supportive of my ideas and my decisions and would encourage me to go ahead and do what I wanted the most. He provided me with the background support that I had always needed further to my plans but had felt so insecure before.

He had a knack of making me laugh and feel good about myself and whatever was going on at that time. Aside from making me feel emotionally stable, safe, and secure, he also made me feel very secure financially. He made it look so easy, as if I would never have to worry about money ever again.

He made me feel that I could trust him with no matter what. This is perhaps the reason that I decided to get married with him in the first meeting. My husband taught me so many things that have impacted me and changed the way I think and feel.

He was the first person who I truly fell in love with and I can safely say that it is from him that I have learned to love unconditionally. He taught me that love transcends all physical boundaries and is there to be felt and enjoyed with between two people.

He taught me how to be patient in my life and to wait for good things to come to me, rather than stressing after them and never finding them.The lessons I have learned from my husband since our wedding day. I didn't know what a great father was until I saw my husband with our children.

I learned about the benefits of fatherhood through my own husband. 'My affair with author Douglas Adams and how returning to my husband taught me the true value of marriage' By Sally Emerson Updated: The One for me was my husband, I had decided by then.

My husband has taught me many things in the years we have been together.

My husband taught me how to

He encourages me to be a better person and his character inspires my character to grow. And he has taught me that simply being a good person and a good partner is both powerful and sexy. He taught me more about myself than any book or online course ever could. My husband helps me to be the best version of myself and isn’t that what the best relationships are supposed to do?

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As always, Tell the Truth. Show up in Love. Live in Freedom. Oct 05,  · My current husband has taught me that there are men in the world capable of being responsible, thinking, rational, human beings who can move on from their troubles in a dignified and positive way.

My husband taught me how to

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