Nickel and dimed book review essay

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Nickel and dimed book review essay

She also tried to prove low wage jobs require a lot of effort that was not worth the amount of money they received per hour. In my opinion, Barbara Ehrenreich proved her two points in her story Nickel and Dimed.

She showed wages were too low to provide for themselves or families and she proved the amount of effort put into the job was not worth the money they received per hour, by attempting to work several different low wage jobs herself.

Barbara Ehrenreich worked different low wage jobs during her story Nickel and Dimed. She tried living off of the money she acquired working the low wage jobs, but had an account of money for emergencies. She could not afford all together a place to live, food and other necessities she needed to provide for herself.

Barbara Ehrenreich had to dip into her emergency fund more than one time to support herself. By having to dip into her emergency fund proves her point even more. Real low wage workers do not have money to fall back on. She also was not the only one who could not provide for herself, in her first job at the restaurant there were several people who had to live in their car and find a place to live.

This proves that wages per hour should increase because one person who works a low wage job can barely provide for themselves let alone a person trying to support for more than one person.

Nickel and dimed book review essay

Low wage jobs require a whole lot of effort for a little amount of money. She proves that low-wageworkers work as hard as they can to provide for themselves and are working so hard that they are injury prone.

Injuries and pain caused by the workload of the low wage occupations. She says later in the book that she starts to take ibuprofen everyday for joint pain. Holly broke her ankle on the job, but could not stop working because she had to provide for her family, she could not afford one day off from work.

Barbara proves her point because low-wageworkers have to break their backs for wages that they can barely support themselves with. In conclusion Barbara Ehrenreich proved her point; wages for low-wageworkers were too low. She proved this by working low wage jobs, and exposing the struggles of having a low wage job.

Struggles as in, not being able to support oneself let alone a small family. Also the work put into the low wage job was too intense, making the workers injury prone. She clearly proves the point that wages for low-wagworkers must be higher per hour in America.

People have to be able to support themselves or their families with a place to live, food and other necessities. Choose Type of service.Barbara Ehrenreich's, "Nickel and Dimed: On (Not) Getting By in America", is a book that strives to change the way America perceives its working poor.

Incorporated is a journal of the time spent by the author, with her identity and Ph.D concealed, working in order to discover whether she could. Nickel & Dimed Reflection Paper essaysWhile reading this book, I was intrigued in many different ways and had many different feelings towards certain things that were said and done.

I have great admiration for Barbara Ehrenreich to have done this experiment/activity.

Nickel and Dimed: Book Review Essays

It really portrays those people. Nickel and Dimed is a book by Barbara Ehrenreich. Nickel and Dimed: On (Not) Getting By in America study guide contains a biography of author Barbara Ehrenreich, literature essays, quiz questions, major themes, characters, and a full summary and analysis.

Nickel and Dimed is the revealing, compelling, and widely acclaimed result of that decision-a book that has already become a masterpiece of undercover reportage, and a portrait-of-the-working-poor classic that is showing up in classrooms throughout the nation/5().

Nickel and Dimed: On (Not) Getting By in America, by Barbara Ehrenreich Essay examples - The author Barbara Ehrenreich is a journalist, who decided to write an article on how it was to live on minimum wage. Book Review. The book Nickel and Dimed: On (not) Getting by in America was written by Barbara Ehrenreich.

The work highlights nature of the low-wage jobs in America and the treatment to low-paid employees in light of her ethnographic research.

Nickel and Dimed