Origin and definition of the word

On one hand it says the God is everywhere, and on the other hand I am some kind of separate entity that by design, or deed, am somehow independent, or have been removed from it. But, if I didn't have that source of life flowing through me at every moment, I would simply drop dead. Because, God is life. There is no "other life" than this one we know of with any certainty.

Origin and definition of the word

With the passage of time, the word "okionomia" was used for an economy as whole in the sense that how a nation takes steps to fulfill its desires and preferences with the help of scarce means. That's why economics was called political economy in its early ages.

Origin and definition of the word

It is method rather than a doctrine, an apparatus of the mind, a technique for thinking, which helps its possessor draw correct conclusions. Definitions According to other Economists According to Benjamin Davis "Economics is the science that studies how scarce resources are allocated to meet competing and unlimited wants and how human beings satisfy their material wants and needs.

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Schiller "Economics is the study of how best to allocate scarce resources among competing uses. Every definition is criticized by the different economists from different angles. Therefore it is difficult to describe the subject matter of economics in a few words, and proper definition of economics is still a question mark.

That's why, perhaps, Keynes was not far wrong when he said "political economy is said to have strangled itself with definitions.Origin: ‘Robin’ is a corruption of the French ruban, meaning ribbon. These petitions were originally signed in a circle so that no single person’s name appeared at the top.

Nov 09,  · After a couple of posts triggered by Poppy Day I started wondering as to the origin of the word "war" and the dictionary definition. The explanations below I .

Origin and definition of the word

In fact, the first record of the word was used in a series of poems called the Lays of Boethius, reputed to have been written by England’s King Alfred.

Today, the definition of brun still survives in the English word . Q From Bob Sypek: What is the origin and derivation of the word jamoke?An undergraduate from New York City used it to me in the mid s to describe unflatteringly people from the neighborhood, as in ‘Just a coupla jamokes from down the street’.

Derivation is fancy word for the origin or root of something. Derivation is most often used in reference to abstract concepts — such as words, names or ideas.


The derivation of the word derivation is the Latin derivationem, meaning "a leading off or turning away from.".

The adjective hackneyed communicated this idea from about the middle of the eighteenth century on. By the way, it was thought at one time that this whole set of words .

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