Personality of donald trump essay

Philadelphia lawyer, writer, journalist and book critic Donald Trump:

Personality of donald trump essay

Personality of donald trump essay

NYU Historian, writes on wars, dictatorships, politics of images. Italian Fascism's Empire Cinema February Yet cults of personality can flourish in a variety of political contexts, as long as there is a charismatic leader and a coherent media strategy.

Vladimir Putin's goes with his position as President of an authoritarian bureaucratic state, but Silvio Berlusconi built his while he ran for office. That's why the concept can help us to understand Donald Trump's success as he seeks the Republican Presidential nomination.

In democracies, it helps if the politician in question already has a winning personal brand, so he it's usually a he can be independent from traditional political machines and finance his own media campaigns.

Cue Berlusconi and Trump, worth 7 and 4 billion dollars, respectively.

Personality of donald trump essay

Yet cults of personality go beyond private money and public influence. They are about an emotional tie that is forged between the leader and his followers. For this reason, they can be hard to grasp for those not making the connection.

Here's the trick to cults of personality: He must appear ordinary, to allow people to relate to him. And yet he must also be seen as extraordinary, so that people will grant him permission to be the arbiter of their individual and national destiny.

For instance, they're not about likeability. Leaders with cults of personality are usually aggressive. They keep audiences on edge with their outbursts and unpredictability. They create a bond that goes beyond agreeing with ideas and policies: Berlusconi is Trump's predecessor here.

This media and sports entrepreneur could afford to be a maverick when he jumped into politics in the s. His original party, Forza Italia Go Italytook its name from a soccer stadium chant.

Berlusconi's ego-laden pronouncements outraged the Italian political establishment, but delighted his fans, as when he described himself as "the Jesus Christ of Italian politics. Putin, who has been friends with Berlusconi since the early s, has learned from the Italian.

Cults of personality have a meaning all their own in Russia: Putin has revived the practice, guiding a wave of nostalgia for Stalin as he advocates for Russian nationalism and anti-West sentiment.

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Putin has brought the leader cult into the 21st century, authorizing the creation of a Putin persona that has something for everyone. For the rest, there are collectibles such as a Putin calendar issued by the popular newspaper Zvezdi I Soveti.

In it, the Russian President is an outdoorsman including with a naked torsoa somber leader, a lover of animals, nature, and Russian female beauty, a churchgoer, a Commander in Chief lots of camouflage hereand so on.

Putin is an everyman - but one who stands above everyone. How does Trump fit into this lineage?The personality of Donald Trump, with his ups and downs — and tweets — generates, more than anything, mistrust. And unpredictability is a risk when it comes to a public figure with so much power.

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Jan 15,  · Donald Trump's Cult of Personality. 01/15/ pm ET Updated Jan 15, Silvio Berlusconi Politics Election Donald Trump Vladimir Putin First-person essays.

In sum, Donald Trump’s basic personality traits suggest a presidency that could be highly combustible. One possible yield is an energetic, activist president who has a less than cordial.

Donald Trump is a true American success story and his approach to business, along with his personality, must be closely explored.

Donald Trump was born in New York City on June 14, , to Fred and Mary Trump and is the fourth of five children. Donald Trump is founder and CEO of Trump Organization, the head company of Donald J. Trump, American real estate investor. Trump Organization was the company that his father had started, and later Donald took it over.

Aug 03,  · McAdams' portrayal of Trump was hardly flattering, but concluded that, although Trump's personality is "extreme," Trump was just as likely to be a good president as a bad one.

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