Political marketing

Looking for another great SEO tool? Political marketing is the process by which political candidates promote themselves and their platforms to voters through masterly-crafted communications aimed at gaining public support. Both business marketers and political marketers use media outlets to inform, remind, and alter the attitudes and behaviors of potential clients and voters respectivelyand they both employ similar tools when structuring campaigns, such as market research and statistical analysis.

Political marketing

5 Political Marketing Tactics That Really Work

June 10, by Nick Gibson As much as we might like to think we vote based on the policy each candidate puts forward before an election, the votes we and millions of others place are shaped by carefully targeted and highly optimized political marketing campaigns.

From talk show appearances to direct mail leaflets, a wide variety of techniques are used to influence public opinion of a political party, policy or candidate.

Learn how to deal with the media and generate buzz for your political candidate in our Public Relations Rules to Live By course. Developing a narrative The most important aspect of any political campaign is the narrative. The narrative is the story behind a candidate — their history, their beliefs, their personality and all of the traits and characteristics that make them worth voting for.

In the Presidential Election, two narratives competed against each other in the public arena. Crafting a narrative that your voter base can relate to is one of the most important elements of running a political marketing campaign.

Creating a narrative is a branding strategy not unlike the tactics used by companies such as Nike and Apple. Instead of a product or company becoming a brand, a party or political candidate becomes a marketable brand that people can relate to.

Would you like to learn more about creating a narrative that people respond to and remember?

Political Management programmes

How to Brand Yourself and Your Business. Social media marketing Social media is one of the most effective platforms for raising awareness of political issues, encouraging people to vote, and promoting political candidates.

Political marketers use a variety of strategies to connect with potential voters using social media. These techniques range from honest and direct — such as operating an independent Facebook page — to misleading, dishonest and manipulative.

One of the most effective ways to generate support for a particular candidate using social media is to building a Facebook Page for the party or candidate. This allows a political marketer to reach thousands — or, in the case of a large party — millions of potential voters using status updates, messages and event invitations.

Do you think a Facebook Page could help you connect with your voter base? Learn how to create and market a Facebook Page for your party or candidate to connect with thousands of voters in our Social Media Management course. One of the best ways to attract new supporters is through the use of viral memes and videos.

Facebook and Twitter users love to share funny images, interesting videos and other content that relates to hot political issues. By creating viral videos and pictures, you can raise awareness of your candidate — or a hot political issue — organically.

Engineering virality is difficult, and trying too hard to make a video or image go viral can often have the opposite of the intended effect. Do you want to generate millions of views and attract thousands of new supporters with a viral image or video?

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Negative campaigning Winning an election requires your candidate getting more votes than their closest competitor. There are two ways to achieve this: While negative campaigning might seem dirty and unsportsmanlike, it has a wide range of benefits.

Negative campaigning usually takes the form of television ads, newspaper columns, political debates and direct marketing.

Although it can be incredibly effective when done right, negative marketing can be ineffective without the positive campaign to support it.2 Political Marketing: a definition Harrop () perceives political marketing as being not just about political advertising, party political broadcasts and electoral speeches but .

Political consultants act as public relations specialists, salespeople and managers. By using many forms of marketing-suitable media, including advertising and press releases, the general goal of political consultants is to make .

Political Marketing. The most painful issue that political parties will face under the GDPR is the regulation of political marketing. The regulations will continue to be very tight for non-commercial organisations and political parties.


The laws governing these practices have not yet been harmonised, but the general rules are the same. For political marketing, we believe in our technology and it’s abilities so strongly that we even offer a money-back guarantee in the rare case of not seeing results.

To learn more about the political guarantee, click here! Let El Toro Work on Behalf of Your Campaign. El Toro is a nationally recognized political marketing tool. Political marketing is the process by which political candidates and ideas are directed at the voters in order to satisfy their political needs and thus gain their support for the candidate and ideas in question.

Jun 10,  · At its heart, direct mail marketing – whether it’s for a political campaign or a brand new product – is all about data. Learn how to use income data, previous vote Author: Nick Gibson.

Political marketing
Political Marketing