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Vincent Miller This is a draft of the introduction to V. Miller Understanding Digital Culture. Please to not reference or quote without permission.

Slideshow powerpoint hayward

Countless readers have discussed its rhetorical devices, literary merit, and political reception.

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People do recognize that this funeral oration, honoring Union dead in the battle that marked a turning point in the war against Southern rebellion, was even more clearly a summons to the living to prosecute to victorious conclusion a war that, despite the victory at Gettysburg, was not going well enough: For some teachers this might mean spending two days on this lesson, while for others, it may be accomplished in one block.

This lesson also includes extension activities. Students should memorize the Gettysburg Address and be prepared to recite it in class. This battle was significant for many reasons: First, it was a turning point in the war, shifting the momentum back to the North, as they were victorious in this battle.

Second, Gettysburg, PA was the furthest north that the Confederate Army had been able to reach during the war. Third, slideshow powerpoint hayward losses suffered during this battle greatly affected the rest of the war; General Lee was never able to launch another major offensive.

In just two days, 5, Union soldiers were killed with another 17, wounded and 27, Confederate soldiers were killed or wounded. President Lincoln delivered the Gettysburg Address on November 19,at the dedication of a Union cemetery at Gettysburg.

Lincoln delivered this brief sentence speech in the midst of a civil war whose deepest cause was the institution of slavery, and it was in this address that he gave his most famous defense of equality.

slideshow powerpoint hayward

Senate and House of Representatives. The Gettysburg Address contains three paragraphs of progressively increasing length, which refer to time periods and actors of progressively increasing rhetorical importance: One main theme of the Gettysburg Address is the image of the birth and re-birth i.

The rebirth of the nation rests on proving that proposition by our dedication, through deeds of war, to make equality a reality. Thus, another major theme of the speech is of the war as a test for the United States.

Lincoln knew that this denial of human equality [slavery] was the true cause of the war; and Lincoln understood that the bloody struggle over slavery was the true test of the nation. Passing the test meant winning the war, in part because winning the war meant a vindication of the proposition of equality.

This new freedom will differ from the British liberty in which the nation was first conceived. Here equality will not come out of liberty.

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Rather, freedom will be born out of equality, because the inegalitarian principle and the practice of slavery will be repudiated and defeated as the necessary condition of rebirth.

Masters as well as slaves will share in this new birth of freedom, having shed the mutual degradation that enslavement brings to them both. What do you think is the meaning of equality today?Aug 10,  · The WBT hosted below is designed to be used for familiarization and refresher training only.

slideshow powerpoint hayward

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