The contributions of dr robert gallow on hiv research

Thus, holding the intellectual property laws to their fullest interpretations, one must solely marvel why Dr. Gallo has yet to file a proceedings seeking to recover damages from the usage of his invention?

The contributions of dr robert gallow on hiv research

Other scientists had tested his virus and discovered it to be a mixture of contaminating retroviruses from woolly monkeys, gibbon apes, and baboons. Gallo tried to save his reputation, speculating wildly that perhaps one of the monkey viruses caused the human leukemia.

This excuse did not fly, and he later described the event as a "disaster" and "painful," admitting that it placed "human retrovirology, and me with it, at a very low point.

But he ran into trouble trying to find the virus in American leukemia patients. At the same time, a Japanese research team reported isolating a human retrovirus from leukemic patients, which they named ATLV.

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The sequence of Gallo's Caribbean virus proved to be nearly identical to the Japanese virus; it contained a mistake identical to the one made by the Japanese group.

Since all other non-Japanese HTLV-I isolates differed much more widely from the Gallo-Japanese twins, some retrovirologist suggest Gallo may have offered the Japanese sequence as his own.

The contributions of dr robert gallow on hiv research

No formal investigation has probed this incident, and Gallo was awarded the prestigious Lasker Prize as the presumed discoverer of the leukemia virus. He isolated a second one infrom a cell line derived from a patient But since that time HTLV-II has been retrieved from only one other patient with a similar leukemia, while plenty of cases have been found without the virus.

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He then published the sequence, unknowingly including a deliberate error planted by the Japanese research team who had actually done the work. Gallo, protected by bodyguards at AIDS conference. Harvard retrovirologist William Haseltine, Dani Bolognesi, a retrovirologist at Duke University p.Robert Gallo, discoverer, and alledged creator, of HIV Unfortunately, a large part of the damage has already been done, and that among other articles has helped foster the continued existence of a completely unfounded theory based primarily on not understanding what a patent is in molecular biology.

The contributions of dr robert gallow on hiv research

Dr Robert Gallo, best known for the discovery of the link between HIV and Aids as well as the blood test for the disease, is in South Africa to receive his 33rd honorary doctorate.

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The unlucky scientist in both cases was Dr. Robert Gallo, ex-discoverer of the AIDS virus.


As a lab chief at the National Cancer Institute, part of the National Institutes of Health (NlH), in Bethesda, Maryland, Gallo is probably the best-known AIDS researcher in the world. Claim: Dr.

Robert Gallo admitted to "inventing" the HIV virus in a plot to "depopulate humanity."False.

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