Truth versus lies deception of the self and deception of others in the whores child a novel by richa

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Truth versus lies deception of the self and deception of others in the whores child a novel by richa

Blog Self Perception Our self perception determines our behavior - if we think we are inadequate, we act that way.

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If we think we are splendid, we act that way. The pathway forward towards happiness and authenticity is not determined by something outside ourselves. So if our way forward feels blocked, it is blocked by the way we perceive ourselves, by our fears and how they cause us to act toward ourselves.

We take forward with us our unhealed inner negative perceptions and recreate the same situations over and over. We are stopped by what we think our needs are - what we think we want and by all the means we employ to try to escape from our fears and self hatred.

We are stopped by our lack of compassion for ourselves, by our self loathing. It is fear that creates this self perception. When left to our own devices, we instinctively respond to our messes from fear rather than love.

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This means that we spiral more deeply downwards into the point of fear, until the day our circumstances bring us to a standstill and therefore open the way for a turning point. What have been the messes in your life that have led you to a turning point? What deeply held fears have been exploded by your allowing the light to shine on them and creating a shift in perception?

What have your turning points been? Shifts in self perception through darkness For me it was grief I believe that plunging into this darkness allows us to become more fully our true selves. By experiencing the black darkness we open ourselves into the possibility of light. This descent into darkness gives us more substance, makes us more human.

Truth versus lies deception of the self and deception of others in the whores child a novel by richa

Shifts in self perception through surrender To discover your authentic self is to be born into yourself again. Our authentic self is deep within us in our childlike innocence. When we surrender, we surrender into that innocence which is pure love.

It is the whole notion of giving up our attachment to outcomes and results. This is a very fearful position to be in - the idea of giving up into the unknown.

The act of breaking up, or breaking down, actually becomes being broken open, and with that comes freedom. In Zen Buddhism there is a teaching about self perception, called zen mind or beginners mind.

A common story which illustrates this principle is told about a high minded man who comes to visit a monk, seeking to achieve enlightenment. The monk hands the man a cup and begins to pour tea into it. Because it is already filled with his own ideas, there is no room for anything more unless he empties it first.

In Hindu teachings, the idea of detachment and sacrifice go hand in hand with self-surrender and teachings about karma, while the root of the word Islam literally means surrender.

Truth versus lies deception of the self and deception of others in the whores child a novel by richa

The inference here is that children are open to teaching; whereas we have already filled our minds with what we want to believe. Surrender is about letting go control, letting go attachment to results and outcomes. It is about accepting ourselves where we are now, in this present moment, experiencing a shift in our self perception, rather than waiting until we are more.

The greatest way to change our self is to allow a change in our self perception."You are a child of the devil and an enemy of everything that is right!

Is it OK for characters to lie in your fiction? : writing

"You're full of every form of deception and trickery, you son of the devil, you enemy of all that is right! but it is wicked wit, and they employ it in an evil and mischievous way, both to the hurt of themselves and others; they are like the old serpent, whose seed.

That is, as soon as there is a group larger than a family, and I mean by family, father, mother, and children, interests become complicated; individuals want to dominate by force or by deception. Jan 17,  · This deception necessarily involves what they say about me and God’s true Church and Work!

(That Mr. Armstrong’s long-time, professed-to-be-loyal assistant leads UCG’s charade and no one calls him on it is appalling. BTW, if you want to see this done pretty well, you can try Game of Thrones (the books).

Characters lie all the time, and a shifting POV makes for an interesting comparison of known proven facts, vs. those things that were said for other reasons. Jun 04,  · The information articles in this blog are free for everyone to take and spread to others. Sitemap

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