Why confucianism trumps legalism essay

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Why confucianism trumps legalism essay

During the Warring States period and Qin dynasty, Legalism took place of all other philosophical schools and helped King Zheng, the First Emperor, to unify China for the first time.

Why Confucianism defeated Legalism as well as other philosophical schools in Han dynasty and thrived thereafter is a very interesting and important topic in Chinese history. This essay focuses on the transition from Legalism to Confucianism and elaborates the adaptation of Confucianism in the period of Han Wudi.

When Han was first established by Gaozu, the country was in a mess due to the lasting wars. The industries were devastated severely, the population decreased, the peasants were in exile, the economy was backwards and the national treasury was empty.

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Under this kind of unfavorable circumstance, the first several emperors of Han, e. Gaozu and Wendi, chose to govern the country without imposing too many harsh policies and consolidate the regime in a more Daoism way rather than a Confucianism way.

The first Han emperors, although prudently avoiding the harsh policies of repudiated Qin, were not partial to Confucianism. Gaozu found the Confucian scholars of his day useful primarily as formulators of court rituals that would elevate him above his erstwhile companions and keep them from getting rowdy in court.

Therefore, the first several emperors of Han relieved the harsh laws prescribed by Qin, reduced the taxation and solved the conflict with those nomads by conciliatory policies, e.

Therefore, Wudi thought it was time for him to solidify his control over the country by centralization of authority.

Wudi set about curbing the power of princes and other lords; he confiscated the domains of over half of them on whatever pretext he could find. However, it is always easy to start the process of centralization but difficult to maintain the state of centralization.Golden Essence Of Confucianism And The Shortcoming Of Daoism And Legalism the Way or Dao (Pre-modern Eat Asia, Page 29).

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Why confucianism trumps legalism essay

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Confucianism has been an underlying principle of Chinese Culture for 25 centuries. Confucius, or rather Kung Fu-tzu, is reverently refered to as the Kung the master and the first teacher. Confucianism, Daoism & Legalism Confucianism focuses mainly on social order while Daoism puts its central focus on being one with the nature.

"[I]f an individual can practice five things anywhere in the world, he is a man of humanity. The longest, most influential and enduring of these is timberdesignmag.com philosophy and the w?? in which it demands virtue and duty from a ruler has n?t always gone down well with rulers of a more autocratic nature and has at times been displaced by the school of thought known as Legalism.

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